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At Ningbo Minde Technology, we take pride in our state-of-the-art in-house Precision CNC Machining Workshop. Nestled at the heart of our operations, this workshop is where innovation meets precision, and ideas are transformed into reality. Allow us to introduce you to the world of CNC machining, where every project is a testament to precision redefined.

Our History of Excellence:
With a rich history dating back 2004, our CNC machining workshop has been at the forefront of precision engineering. Over the years, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible, setting new standards in CNC machining excellence.

Advanced Facilities and Machinery:
Step inside our workshop, and you'll discover a world of cutting-edge technology. Our arsenal includes a range of CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, and specialized tools, all meticulously maintained and operated by our skilled machinists.

Our Team of Experts:
Behind every precision component is our team of dedicated experts. Our machinists, engineers, and technicians bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. Their commitment to excellence is the driving force behind our workshop's success.

Customization at Its Finest:
One of the hallmarks of our CNC machining workshop is our ability to customize. We understand that no two projects are alike, and that's why we work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements. From design to production, we tailor solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Materials Mastery:
Whether it's metals, plastics, composites, or other materials, we are masters at working with a wide array of materials. Our knowledge of material properties ensures that your components are not only precise but also perfectly suited for their intended applications.

Quality Assurance:
Precision isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a commitment. Our rigorous quality control processes leave no room for compromise. Every component leaving our workshop undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards.

Versatile Services:
From precision turning to intricate milling, we offer a comprehensive range of CNC machining services. Whether you need a single prototype or high-volume production, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver on time, every time.

Collaboration and Innovation:
We believe that the results come from collaboration. We work closely with our clients to turn their ideas into reality, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in CNC machining. Together, we innovate and create.

See Our Workshop in Action:
Explore our gallery and witness the precision and quality that define our CNC machining workshop. Our gallery showcases our machinery, our team in action, and the impeccable results we deliver.

About Minde
Ningbo Minde Technology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Minde Technology Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 2004 and has passed ISO9001, SGS, and RoHS certification. To create an ideal green enterprise, protect limited resources, and reduce waste and pollution, our products have passed SGS environmental testing and comply with the EU RoHS directive. As China CNC Machined Parts Manufacturers and CNC Machined Parts Suppliers, production area 12,000㎡, Two office areas 350㎡, Have 65 Experienced team-member. The major production process includes tooling designing & making, die casting, forging, stamping, precision machining, drilling, surface plating, Intelligent infrared detecting and automation packing, etc. Mostly exported to more than 35 countries and regions, major markets are the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
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  • 900 ISO 2022
  • SGS -RoHs testing 02 SHAEC22002232201
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  • Quality System
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CNC Machined Parts Industry knowledge
How to ensure the accuracy of CNC Machined Parts

CNC Machined Parts has many advantages such as high precision and customizability. Our CNC machine tools can customize parts with complex geometric shapes. CNC technology plays a vital role in modern manufacturing. Its uniqueness lies in the application of multi-axis control systems, which enables CNC machine tools to simultaneously control multiple motion axes, covering linear axes and rotary axes, providing more flexible and complex choices for machining paths. This flexibility provides more possibilities for processing parts with complex geometric shapes, thereby better meeting the needs of modern manufacturing for high-precision and complex structural parts.
High-precision machining is one of the distinctive features of CNC machine tools, mainly due to its advanced CNC system. Through the precise control of the CNC system, CNC machine tools can achieve meticulous processing on parts with small sizes and complex curved surfaces. This high degree of dimensional accuracy and surface quality is critical for some applications in modern manufacturing that require extremely high quality parts, such as aerospace, medical equipment and other fields.
CNC machine tools can process at relatively high speeds and automate the production process through automated control systems. This greatly improves production efficiency. In the processing of complex parts, the automatic tool change system is a key component. It can automatically change different types of tools during the processing process, thereby increasing the flexibility of production and reducing the time of cutting tool changes.
The multi-faceted processing function of CNC machine tools in one clamping also brings convenience to the manufacturing of complex parts. This function allows the part to be processed on multiple surfaces with one clamping, reducing errors caused by repeated clamping during the processing process and improving the positioning accuracy of the part.
The real-time monitoring system is an important guarantee for CNC machine tools to maintain high-quality processing when processing parts with complex geometric shapes. By monitoring the status during processing in real time and making timely adjustments, CNC machine tools can promptly detect and correct errors during processing, ensuring that parts maintain good processing status during processing of complex shapes. This real-time adjustment not only helps improve the processing accuracy of parts, but also helps prevent damage or waste of parts due to abnormal conditions during processing.