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Our cutting-edge automated laser cutting machines enable swift sample production and precision machining for a diverse range of industries, including 3D printing, automotive, machinery, and household appliances. MINDE stands out for its commitment to precision tolerance and impeccable finish quality, ensuring that every laser-cut part meets the highest standards. With a focus on innovation, our quick sample-making capabilities set us apart, providing you with efficient solutions for your prototyping needs. Whether you're in the realm of 3D printing, automotive, machinery, or household appliances, MINDE delivers not just components, but a testament to precision, reliability, and aesthetic finesse. Elevate your projects with MINDE, where laser-cutting meets excellence in every detail.

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Ningbo Minde Technology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Minde Technology Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 2004 and has passed ISO9001, SGS, and RoHS certification. To create an ideal green enterprise, protect limited resources, and reduce waste and pollution, our products have passed SGS environmental testing and comply with the EU RoHS directive. As China Laser Cutting Parts Manufacturers and Laser Cutting Parts Suppliers, production area 12,000㎡, Two office areas 350㎡, Have 65 Experienced team-member. The major production process includes tooling designing & making, die casting, forging, stamping, precision machining, drilling, surface plating, Intelligent infrared detecting and automation packing, etc. Mostly exported to more than 35 countries and regions, major markets are the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
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What are the characteristics of Laser Cutting Parts?

Laser Cutting PartsOne of the first features of Laser Cutting Parts is high precision. Laser cutting technology can cut with amazing accuracy, reaching high precision at the millimeter or even sub-millimeter level. This provides an ideal solution for areas of manufacturing where part accuracy is extremely critical, such as the aerospace and electronics industries. What’s even more impressive is that laser cutting can achieve fine cutting of parts with complex geometries, including small holes and slender slits, which are often difficult to achieve with traditional cutting methods.
The non-contact processing method of laser cutting is its unique feature. The laser beam does not directly contact the surface of the workpiece, thereby reducing the problem of mechanical wear and effectively avoiding damage to the material surface. This non-contact nature provides a gentler and more delicate handling of the part, helping to maintain the original quality and surface properties of the part.
The relatively small heat-affected zone is one of the advantages of laser cutting. The linearity of the laser beam results in a minimal heat-affected area during the cutting process, reducing the thermal impact on the area around the workpiece. This is critical for applications where part geometry and mechanical properties need to be maintained. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting, laser cutting does not require frequent tool replacement, effectively reducing maintenance costs and production downtime, and improving production continuity.