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Welcome to NINGBO MINDE, home to a cutting-edge automated stamping process featuring five state-of-the-art machines. As industry leaders, we specialize in producing precision-engineered components with meticulous tolerances and impeccable finish quality. Our in-house capabilities ensure seamless integration of technology, delivering stamped products for diverse sectors, including automotive, machinery, and household appliances. NINGBO MINDE's commitment to excellence is evident in every detail, providing components that not only meet but exceed the industry standards. Trust us for a comprehensive range of stamped solutions that embody precision, durability, and a flawless finish.

Choose NINGBO MINDE for innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled quality in stamped products across automotive, machinery, and household appliance applications.

About Minde
Ningbo Minde Technology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Minde Technology Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 2004 and has passed ISO9001, SGS, and RoHS certification. To create an ideal green enterprise, protect limited resources, and reduce waste and pollution, our products have passed SGS environmental testing and comply with the EU RoHS directive. As China Stamping Parts Manufacturers and Stamping Parts Suppliers, production area 12,000㎡, Two office areas 350㎡, Have 65 Experienced team-member. The major production process includes tooling designing & making, die casting, forging, stamping, precision machining, drilling, surface plating, Intelligent infrared detecting and automation packing, etc. Mostly exported to more than 35 countries and regions, major markets are the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
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Stamping Parts Industry knowledge
What are stamping parts and what are their characteristics?
Stamping Parts is a metal processing process widely used in manufacturing. Parts are formed by metal plates or strips being impacted by impact in a mold. Stamping Parts are known for their high precision. The stamping process enables a high degree of precise control over the geometry and dimensions of the part, ensuring excellent dimensional stability of the part during production. This high precision makes stamping parts particularly suitable for fields that require extremely high precision of parts, such as electronic equipment, instrumentation, etc.
With stamping, a variety of different processing operations can be achieved, including bending, cutting, punching, and more. This versatility allows stamping parts to flexibly respond to various manufacturing needs, providing a wide range of options for diverse application scenarios.
Material adaptability is another important feature of the stamping process. Stamping is suitable for a variety of metals and alloy materials, including but not limited to steel, aluminum, copper, etc. This material adaptability can meet customers' customized needs and provide customers with the most suitable products.
The superior surface quality of Stamping Parts is an important reason why it is used in fields with high appearance requirements such as consumer goods manufacturing. The stamping process is usually carried out in a punch press, which enables a highly stable process and ensures good surface quality of stamped parts. This is very critical for some applications that have high requirements on appearance, such as mobile phone casings, appearance parts of home appliances, etc.
The strength and hardness of stamped parts usually increase. Due to the impact force, the material of stamping parts often undergoes a certain degree of deformation and cold hardening, thereby increasing the strength and hardness of the part. This makes stamped parts widely used in applications that require higher material properties, such as automotive structural parts.